Generate Leads by Making a Difference

Free PR, bountiful business leads, and making a difference in the community are just a few of the benefits you and your business can experience from becoming active in a local charity. Whether you are just beginning your establishment, or have been in business for decades becoming involved in a non profit is a must.

Pick your cause. Find a good cross promotional charity or cause to get involved in. Think about your target demographic and what interests them as well as what pulls on their heartstrings. You need to also find a cause that you’re passionate about yourself. The more personal commitment and drive you have towards your nonprofit the more successful your campaign will be.

Create your promo. Five dollars of every sale will go to the American Cancer Society. 10 percent of your purchase will be applied to the Red Cross. These are just a few examples you can use to help drive some fundraising to the cause and drive some traffic to your business. Customers love to save money but even more they like to generate a positive vibe with their purchase. A strong promo will do just that.

Notify the charity. Once you’ve designed a promotional offer and have a charity to contribute to, notify the cause. They will be excited and offer their marketing help. Many have thousands of avvid newsletter subscribers that receive weekly emails. The charity will help cross promote your promotion.

Submit a press release. Reach out to all TV, newspaper and media outlets in your area. Reporters struggle to find stories to write about in the community, especially a feel good article. Write a strong, well thought out press release to gain some media attention.

Marketing Strategy. Be sure your digital advertising, social media campaigns and other external advertisements are aligned with the campaign. Having a strong marketing mix with the focal point as the charity will help streamline the process.

Be active. Make sure your commitment goes beyond the fundraising and the promotion. Get out and attend some of the events that the charity holds. Even look into sponsoring one if your budget can allow it. This will improve your image even more.

If you are interested in developing a charity campaign and need a little more help. Reach out to us! We have experience in developing many programs and implementing many successful campaigns. If you need a press release we can write it, or if you want to sit back and relax, we can manage it in it’s entirety. Contact us today to get squared away and begin making a difference.


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