Snapchat Your Business

Social media marketing has become a pivotal tool for businesses around the globe. Just when you thought you were getting really comfy running that company facebook page, Snapchat comes along to throw another tool into the toolbox.

Snapchat has thrust itself onto the main stage with companies like General Electric and Sour Patch Kids becoming fan favorites. Why do people like it? It’s simple. The privacy issues that surround Facebook and Instagram, are not a concern for users. It’s playful, fun, and becoming an effective way for people to communicate with each other. Snapchat boasts over 100 million active daily users. 71% of users are age 18 to 34.

So how can your business use this growing social media phenomenon to grow your business? We give you five solid ways to develop a unique Snapchat strategy.

Provide Live Access. Snapchat gives your customer base a fun look into your businesses happenings. With the rise of Periscope and others like it, Snapchat still allows you to control completely what the users will see. This gives your customers a more authentic perception of your company and a different experience they wouldn’t be able to have otherwise.

Private Content. A nice way to reward your highly engaged customer base is to release private content via snapchat. Whether it is sneak peek at a product or an inside look at a recent development, customer engagement will benefit.

Holy Geo. Snapchat will allow you to purchase a customized geo tag. Depending on the day and events happening in the area, the price can be very reasonable. This unique marketing mixer will help engage the younger clientele that may be interested in what you are offering.

Contests. Like you should be doing on your other social media platforms, run contests. Complete the best doodle, or send a snap with our product are two specific contests you could run. Not only will you increase engagement but you will also receive user generated content to use in the future.

Partner up. Join forces with a celebrity, or other high level influencer. For example, the NFL lets a different football player take over their snapchat regularly. This allows the NFL to use the athlete’s current following to be directed towards their account and increase their following.

The digital landscape is an ever changing world. The influence of Snapchat is only going to increase. Make sure you get your business snapping soon, or you will continue to lag behind the latest and most innovative ways to generate sales.


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