SEO Important

SEO.. what exactly is it? A city in Korea? An ocean animal? No my friends, it is the key ingredient in driving traffic to your website.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of getting traffic to your website from search engines. Google and Bing, for example collect information about every page on the web to generate search results important to the topics being searched. Each search engine has a special algorithm used to help generate those results. The ability to have your website appear higher in Google is dependant on the ability of the designer to navigate these algorithms and feed them with the proper ingredients. It is essential to have your page at the top. According to Ad Week, 81 percent of consumers conduct a search via search engine before making a purchase.  I mean, don’t you search before you buy?

We will start with the content. The ability to have strong relevant content on your website is king. The search engines send out crawlers to track every letter on your web pages. This helps them to identify what pages are pertinent and what pages are not.  Secondly, the titles of these pages matter as well. The H1, H2 heading titles that may be coded into your website will help summarize the page for the search engine. Matching content to title via keywords and meta descriptions will help greatly in climbing the google charts.

If content is king, then backlinks are queen. Backlinks are links that are posted externally of your website. Search engines view this as a way to justify popularity on the web. They also view it as way to further establish your credibility. An important aspect to keep in mind when trying to establish these links is they have to be on credible websites. Link baiting is something that will not work any longer. Google, especially, has been evolving their algorithm to weed out SEO manipulators.

SEO, Search Engine Optimization, in short is dependant on quality content with strong backlinks feeding in. The importance to drive your site up the Google charts is imperative to be a player in this digital world. With mobile devices being used as a buying resource and a buying utensil, you need to have your website at the top.

At Allevi8 Marketing we have a shelf full of SEO expertise that will guarantee your website to be seen in the search engine world. Feel free to ask any questions via twitter or through our contact page.