About Us


Allevi8 Marketing advocates for small businesses in Springfield and Washington D.C through the Small Business Advocacy Council. As a fellow small business, our success is tied together and we will fight for the advancements of small businesses while providing high level agency services that were once only available to big corporations.


We have the design skills you need and deserve to set your business apart from your competitors. Standing out and differentiating is important to growing your business.


We know how to market and sell products regardless of industry. With over a decade of sales and marketing expertise, we will provide innovative and sure-fire ways to increase your sales.


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Allevi8 Marketing is a digital marketing agency for small businesses located in Chicago, Illinois. We specialize in digital marketing tactics
ranging from web design to social media management to video production. We are an active member of the Bronzeville Chamber of
Commerce and a member of the Small Business Advocacy Council. We are also AdWords certified and Analytics qualified through Google.
We believe in providing affordable pricing that will help your business succeed.
Without successful clients, we would not exist.

We are hired to build a strategy and execute while adapting to the data and market fluctuations that are impacting your business.

Started from the Bottom

The founders of Allevi8 Marketing worked in corporate marketing at various levels in upper management for major companies throughout the country. The vision was to alleviate the marketing needs for small businesses by giving them full access to marketing resources that are typically only available to companies with deep pockets and big budgets.


Now We're Here

At Allevi8 Marketing, we understand that every dollar a small business spends needs to have a positive impact on the bottom line. Our retainer clients start out with a marketing discovery call that helps us create a marketing strategy that serves as a blueprint for you businesses success. Each month we review every action in our Allevi8 Marketing Scorecard that highlights custom marketing KPIs for your business.


Making an Impact

Allevi8 Marketing believes in results. That’s why we work on a month to month basis with all of our retainers clients. You deserve results and that’s what you’ll get.


On Small Businesses Around the Country

The backbone of our business is founded on honesty and integrity. If things aren’t going well, you won’t hear an excuse. We will put a plan of action together and execute it to give your business the very best chance to succeed. Most marketing companies will tell you what you want to hear, but that’s not us.


Our Awesome Team

We don't just hire marketing professionals, we seek out passionate and driven individuals who can't help but market everything they see. Our team members come from a variety of backgrounds, that have created a one of a kind culture. We have a team member who can make triple bogeys, another who loves her movie bag, one who can make films, and someone who makes the most amazing products too. We're more than just colleagues - we're a group of individuals who embrace each other's unique passions.

Patrick Taylor

Founder & Managing Partner

Brooke McKenzie

Marketing Manager

Haley Casas

Marketing Specialist

Sammie Martin

Marketing Assistant

Gervasio Molinaro

Graphic Designer

Imran Ulla

Senior Developer

Max Ilkiv