7 Benefits to Using Google AdWords

Advertising has always been an ever-evolving industry, and Google AdWords took control at the turn of the last decade. Google AdWords is a PPC, pay-per-click, advertising model where you only pay when someone actually engages your advertisement with a click. It allows your advertisements to be posted to the top of each Google Search within the keywords you select for your campaign. Google has become the ultimate resource for prospective buyers. 81% of consumers conduct a Google Search before making a purchase. If you want your product at the top, Google AdWords offers many benefits to small business owners.


  • Reporting – The measurement ability of Google AdWords is second to none. In marketing, the ability to interpret data and adjust your model is absolutely key to any advertising campaign’s success. With AdWords you can see how many people garner an impression (see your ad) and click on your advertisement. Hopefully, your website is connected to Google Analytics. If so, you can find out even more about your visitors and how they engage with your website.


  • You pay for what you get.  When your small business decides to make a media buy it’s a huge expense. Whether it be newspaper, radio or TV you never really know what you’re paying for. With Google AdWords, you are only paying for those who decide to visit your website. This is a huge differentiator.


  • Targeting. With Google AdWords, you have the ability to target a specific location, a specific platform (mobile), language or demographic. This is something that alternative options cannot provide. Your ability to shoot an arrow at the bullseye, comparatively as to casting a wide net, is a huge advantage.


  • Google. Let’s face it. Google is the ultimate knowledge resource that all people trust to provide them with the information that they want and need. Putting your small business at the top of the most powerful knowledge provider is a HUGE asset.


  • SEO Struggle. Search engine optimization is a long process and expensive process (unless you go through Allevi8 Marketing) that sometimes your business can’t afford to endure. Google AdWords put you at the top of the first page without having to add content and backlinking.


  • Free Branding. 85% of consumer decisions are made subconsciously. Even if the prospect doesn’t click on your advertisement, they see it, and it doesn’t cost you anything.


  • Here to help. Allevi8 Marketing is a certified Google AdWords company that is here to help with the management of your advertising, creation of your advertising copy and advertising consulting.



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