Photo Booth Meets Marketing Automation

Allevi8 Marketing has had the pleasure of working to develop a marketing automation app that uses photo booth technology to improve small businesses, particularly restaurants.

First, it was the jukebox, then we have game machines, now the photo booth is the next interactive item lined up to hit the bars! The advantage that the photo booth has over both of its interactive predecessors is that it is at the same time both personal and shareable, unlike games machines, and it is neither obnoxious nor annoying, as jukeboxes can be. You’ve definitely seen them and noted their popularity at weddings, now they’re available as permanent features for bars.

Maximum Gains, Minimal Effort

A photo booth for restaurants does not need to be manned, and therefore installation and electricity are the only costs you need to be concerned about. Simply install, add some props -if you wish- and voila! you’re ready to let your guests have fun! It’ll also takes up as much or as little space as you want it too.

Free Marketing

Utilize your customer’s new favorite bar toy for your benefit. You can strategically place your logo behind your guests so that every time they share one of their cute or hilarious snaps your business appears in the background and likes and commenters know where to go to get high quality, spur of the moment photos with no selfie stick or stranger necessary. You can also get your business’s name, logo, or hashtag watermarked onto the bottom of the picture, giving your business the same perks as with the above strategy

Help Create Regulars

People become regulars at bars for certain reasons, be it the decor, a cocktail, the jukebox, or, maybe, the photo booth. If a bar provides the atmosphere and the tools for guests to have fun then they’ll remember how good a time they had and they’ll return. A photo booth helping people create high quality, everlasting memories is definitely a reason they’ll remember a bar and return. Remember, the photo booth isn’t just bringing in its own revenue it’s also helping the bar sell more drinks!

It’s Fun!

For both staff and guests, a restaurant photo booth provides a level of fun and enjoyment that simply can’t be replicated with other electronic bar games and jukeboxes. Not only can your staff use it but they’ll quickly gain experience and they can show your guests how to get the most out of their newfound favorite toy!


Visitors in your business will come up to your selfie booth kiosk and take a photo, boomerang, gif, or use or custom green screen magic technology to capture a photo that is branded with your business logo and identity.


Once the photo is snapped the customer will enter their email or phone number in order to receive the image or video. This also allows your business to add a custom call to action within the delivery that is perfect to boost reviews or drive promotions.


Once the image is received, the receiver will be pushed and incentivized to share it on social media. The data captured to deliver the image or video will be utilized to run marketing campaigns that will bring customers back for life.



The photo booth is the next generation of interactive bar media that effortlessly brings in and increase revenue, all whilst promoting your location, creating regulars, and entertaining your guests and, occasionally, your bar staff. See what a photo booth can do for your bar by checking out Flash Snap Brand and scheduling a call today!

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