Original Design

We build our logos from scratch. Custom logos that will convey the proper messaging and pull on the consumer’s heart strings.


Are you unsure of what you want? We will create something for you, and get the show started. We can provide a vision for your business, even if you can’t see it at the moment.

Unlimited Revisons

Some firms will nicke and dime you for revisons. Not us. We will give you as many designs and concepts that your heart desires, for the same quoted rate

Brand Loyalty

We will create a logo and a brand that you can be proud of. But more importantly, we will create a brand your customers can be proud of.

Rise Up

Separate yourself from the competitors in your industry with our creative abilities and vision. We will create something that people can remember so that they don’t forget who you are.


We will create a logo that is consistent with your company mission and it’s vision. The logo will be consistent with your values and messaging.

Logo Designers in Chicago

Allevi8 Marketing offers logo design for small business in Chicago, as well as througnout the United States.  Your brand is one of, if not, the most important aspect of your business. It sets an expectation for your customer, should offer credibility and assurance to your customer and is ultimately how your business is reflected upon in the business community. At Allevi8 Marketing we will design your logo as well as all branding material required. If you are unsure of the direction you are seeking, our branding specialists will create a vision and make it a reality. Whether it is an animated logo or a free hand drawn logo we have the capabilities to create the brand your business needs

One of the first things that customers will notice is a logo. We provide Logo Design Services in Chicago to guarantee that they remember it and that it conveys the correct message.

As we’ve been devoted to assisting local companies for years, our Logo Designer in Chicago has earned honors for work. We satisfy every request by utilizing considerable expertise and close attention to detail. We’ll personalize our logo designs to match your aims, whether you’re holding your company’s next major product launch or wanting to get your name out there at a festival.

Our strategy is straightforward: we want to implant the idea that your identity is the differentiating factor when a potential consumer compares you to the competition. We deliver a one-of-a-kind yet unforgettable Logo Design For Small Businesses in Chicago developed by our skilled logo designers.