How to Close More Sales

As we mentioned in the Allevi8 Sales Process, eighty percent of sales are lost due to a lack of closing ability by the salesman. The ability to listen to your prospect, identify their need, and implement the proper technique will help to generate more sales than you have ever before. There is a reason eight percent of the salesman, get eighty percent of the sales. They know how to close.

Listen and Consult. The majority of prospects still know very little about the products they are interested in purchasing. Listen to what they have to say, and begin consulting them and conditioning them to the products you will be pushing. A salesman that fails to listen and give advice is a salesman that goes hungry.

Sharp Angle Close. When the customer objects with issues on delivery, price, or turnaround time.

Ask, “If I can do that for you today, will you sign?”

This will put the prospect on the spot, and a lot of times help you close the sale. Conceding some commission is better than no commission at all.

Assume the Sale. As you near the end of the sales presentation, simply pull out the contract, grab your pen and give it to the prospect. You will be amazed how many people just sign on the dotted line.

Addon. Let the prospect know that if they sign today, they will receive a free______ for their purchase.

List Close. Build a pros and cons list with the customer. Focus the pros column with products you have to fit their need. I have used this many times to help visualize a customer’s needs. A lot of times they hadn’t even thought about a lot of the things we had come up with, and it helped me close the sale.

Create Urgency. You should create a sense of urgency in the customer. Whether it means that the product is on limited supply or the service crew has an opening next week, make them feel like they need to buy it now.

No, you don’t need to think about it. When the customer says that they need time to think about it, level with them. Ask what is holding them back? Did I not properly explain what you’re getting. Because it sure seems that you need it.

Direct Close.  This is my favorite, and many sales people never simply ask for the business. I had a consultant come in years ago to the company I was working for. He asked me how do I begin the sales process. I went into a long detailed description of building value, interacting with the product, etc.

He looked at me and says, “Do you ever just ask them if they want to buy it?”

Many times it is really that easy, just ask.

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