Bronzeville Chamber of Commerce School Supply Drive

The Bronzeville Chamber of Commerce is launching an annual school supply drive to help support the Bronzeville community that is in dire need of support for youth on Chicago’s Southside. Led by Turqueya Wilson, Chamber President, the Bronzeville Chamber of Commerce is seeking monetary donations or school supply donations from individuals or businesses throughout the city.  Take a look at why support is needed in Bronzeville and Chicago Public Schools.

  • Only 73 percent of Chicago Public School students graduate from high school.
  • 51 percent of CPS students qualify as poor or low-income under federal guidelines.
  • Last year, CPS Students achieved a city record with an average ACT of 18.4. An amazing accomplishment by our youth,  but it still ranks almost 3 points lower than the national average. Providing them with the tools they need can get this record broken once again.
  • Overall, fewer than half — 49 percent — of college-going CPS students graduate within six years.
  • Illinois’ budget crisis has placed an immense amount of pressure on CPS faculty and staff. This is in turn felt by students not having the tools they need to succeed.
  • Of the 100 high schools in Chicago, two-thirds called the police to intervene in at least one violent incident on school grounds during the first seven months of the school year.
  • 51 percent of all children live in single-parent households.

As you can see the facts are outrageously alarming. Please support our youth in any way you can. Allevi8 Marketing, ran by Bronzeville citizen Patrick Taylor, will be donating 15 percent of sales to the school supply drive. Don’t turn your back on tomorrow’s future. Below is the link to donate to the Chamber’s Go Fund Me Campaign. 


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