Artificial Intelligence and Your Small Business

Technology is all around us. When you ask Siri or Alexa a question, you are using technology. Utilizing voice to text? Yes, another example of technology. When Pandora or Netflix recommend a song or TV show to you, technology. What you may fail to realize is that all three of these examples are also examples of Artificial Intelligence (A.I). Artifical Intelligence offers many solutions that can be beneficial to your small business.

Improve Efficiency. By utilizing automated programming to reorder supplies when they get low or taking advantage of voice services, you can improve your company’s efficiency. Making your small business more efficient will allow for higher productivity levels and increased margins.

Better Customer Service. Differentiating yourself from a competitor with superior customer service is one of the greatest powers a small business can use. Companies have been improving their customer support processes and customer experience through the use of chatbots. A chatbot is a  computer program designed to simulate a conversation with human users over the internet. 48% of consumers would rather connect with a company via live chat than any other means of contact. Chatbots are inexpensive and easy to implement to your website.

Superior Hiring. Has your small business been struggling to find the right candidate? Artifical intelligence will improve your hiring process. Being able to leverage the technology to filter in and out candidates based on your company’s culture profile and requirements is something AI can provide.

Streamline Training. Having employees who can do their job confidently and correctly is essential to a successful small business. You can implement A.I. that assists with the training of your team, and help improve forecasting.


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