AdWords Certified

Allevi8 Marketing is certified in Google AdWords. Certification is dependent on the passing of multiple exams and proven history of successfully managing AdWords campaigns.


We will target the customers that you are trying to reach. Pinpointing your clientele to the exact location or interest is key to the success of your campaigns.


In addition to our AdWord Certification, we are Analytics Certified as well. Being able to interpret the data and adjust your campaigns based on what’s working and what’s not working will ultimatley lead to your success.

Search Network

We will help advise and manage which search networks your pay-per-click campaigns are delivered to. The ability to place your digital advertisement on the correct location is absolute.


We can orchestrate and manage a retargeting campaign to recapture your previous visitors. Allevi8 Marketing will target the people that really want to buy your products.

Creation & Management

We will create your advertisements and manage them so you only have to worry about running your business. Let us deliver the customers through our proven digital strategies.