9 Ways to Improve Your Business During the COVID19 Pandemic

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As the spread of the COVID19 pandemic continues and the hysteria grows, all of our small businesses are without a doubt taking a BIG hit. In Illinois Governor JB Pritzker ordered the closing of both restaurants and bars for the entire month of March. With social distancing increasing, we are trying to look on the bright side. Running a small business is very time consuming and many times we forget to work on the internal workings that help our businesses run. With some “quarantined” free time, here are nine ways to improve your business during the COVID19 pandemic. 

Improve Your Website. Have you been putting off that new web design? Do you have features you have wanted to add but don’t want the website downtime? Well, we have some downtime. There may not be a better time with business paused than now, to improve your company website. 

Add Automation. Marketing automation is one of the four most popular methods for creating personalized customer experiences. Even if it is something simple, like adding a chatbot to your website, automation will improve your business efficiencies as it continues to grow once the coronavirus is behind us. 

Content Creation. Freshen up your brand by redoing some of your marketing collateral. Here at Allevi8 Marketing, we are in the process of doing just that. Get rid of the old flyers, business cards, and brochures and bring in some designs to elevate your company image. 

SEO. 70-80% of search engine users are only focusing on the organic results and investing in search has never been more important. Building an SEO strategy and executing it takes time, discipline and strategic execution. 

Google My Business Page – A typical business receives 59 actions from their Google My Business listing each month. On average, 56% of actions on Google My Business listings are website visits which present a great opportunity to convert visitors into customers. Take some time and make sure you have a Google My Business Page and that it is fully functional. Google has implemented a lot of additions to the Google My Business platform recently. 

Get Reviews. Reviews are imperative in gaining customers in the digital age. There is no excuse now for not reaching out to those customers you have done such a great job with to ask for a review. And better yet, they don’t have an excuse for not leaving you a review! In times like these, we need to help each other out. 

Send Thank You Notes to Clients. A simple thank you goes a long way in appreciating your customers or clients. Get out the pen and paper and send a thank you the old fashion way. It’s a great way to maintain high customer retention rates and an even better way to make someone’s day that may be in need of hearing some appreciation during this pandemic. 

Start a Business Blog. Have you been wanting to add a blog section to your website? Get to typin’! A blog does wonders for your visitor engagement, visitor acquisition, and your website SEO. 

Learn & Grow. I don’t know how many times I find an excuse to not pick up a book or dive into some up and coming marketing tactics. During our quarantine, the LEAST we can do is learn and grow as individuals and as professionals. Take a look at some books on audible or dive down the YouTube rabbit hole for some industry-specific techniques you may need some refreshing on. 

As we weather and fight the storm that is the coronavirus, know that we are here to help you and your small business. We hope these nine ways to improve your business during the COVID19 pandemic have helped! If you need any assistance during this trying time. PLEASE, don’t hesitate to reach out. Everyone stay safe and please, quit hoarding the damn toilet paper. 


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