How to Create Instagram Highlight Story Covers

Instagram highlight covers are small, customized icons or images that represent different categories or themes in your Instagram story highlights. Instagram story highlights allow you to save and showcase your stories on your profile beyond the 24-hour time limit.

Highlight covers act as visual indicators for each highlight, making it easier for your followers to navigate through your saved stories and find the specific content they are interested in. Instead of Instagram’s default circular icons, you can create and choose your highlight covers to match your brand or personal aesthetic.

To create your own highlight story covers, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open Canva and select ‘Instagram Story’

Step 2: On the left-hand side, click ‘Elements’; in ‘Elements,’ go to “Lines and Shapes’ and click the circle. Design your circle based on the highlight you want to create. In this case, we are designing a meet-the-team highlight.

Step 3:  Click elements again and search the topic you’re creating.

Step 4: Click the icon you would like and center it in your circle.

Step 5: After it looks the way you want it to, download it and head to Instagram.

Step 6: Click the ‘New’ circle in highlights

Step 7:  Select a story and choose the newly made highlight cover

Step 8: Add title and click add, and you’re done! 

It is super easy to create and design your own highlight cover if you follow these steps. Remember, the design possibilities are endless, so feel free to experiment, get creative, and make your highlight covers unique to represent your personal or brand aesthetic.

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