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What was the problem?

OHi was looking to increase their sales and generate more high quality leads for their small business. They had minimal search impact, were lacking video content and needed more consistent social media efforts. They also were in need of strategic planning and marketing consulting as they looked to grow their business. Additionally, they needed consistent high end photography services to showcase their work throughout their marketing assets


What did we do? 

For the last three years, OHi has been under our marketing retainer program where we fully outsource their marketing and become an extension of their team. 

  • Optimized their website with website improvements 
  • Create consistent blogs and content marketing pieces 
  • Executed over 70 photo shoots 
  • Began full service SEO with back linking and keyword targeting
  • Content creation for social media 
  • Managed all digital and traditional advertising spend
  • Oversaw event marketing and fulfillment 
  • Produced 8 high level videos 
  • Built marketing strategies and executed them


  • Increased the quantity and quality of the leads by 33 percent 
  • Record setting sales numbers in each year of retention 
  • Went from 6 first page keywords on Google to 123 and counting